Our Unique Story

About Bella Donna Swimwear

My Aunt Jayne was a vibrant and loving soul. She was comfortable with her body and loved the outdoors and traveling. Her only frustration was with finding a comfortable swimsuit that fit her full figure that was also fashionable and stylish. She lived a fun and beautiful life and when she passed away, her words left a huge impression on me.

Read About Sarah Jorgensen, Owner

I come from a long line of family and family friends where the women are all wonderfully curvaceous and who all struggle to find high caliber clothing especially in swimwear. Inspired by them and all the rest of the amazing women like them, I created and founded Bella Donna Swimwear, swimwear designed specifically for full-figured women, based on their wants, their needs, their voice.
Bella Donna Swimwear was created in fall of 2015. With a dream and a sketch that become the prototype and then our first tankini. My dream got delayed when life took a turn in March 2016 with the shocking diagnosis of ovarian cancer. One year later, thanks to a miracle drug, I am cancer free and the drug will keep me that way. We are finally able to move forward with our launch of the Bella Jayne Tankini.