Our Amazing Manufacturer

A Partnership Built on Common Ground

We know that retail production can have its challenges. That is why we have partnered with the best manufacturer in the swimsuit industry, La Isla Brand. They bring expertise and over 17 years of experience to ensure exceptional quality, exceptional construction and exceptional delivery. In addition, it is crucial to us that our manufacturer has the same core values as Bella Donna and its team: integrity, honesty, transparency. La Isla Brand is located in Columbia which is free trade ready, meaning we have duty free importation.
La Isla Brand- A commitment to quality. “At La Isla, we are committed to quality, innovative swimwear, design and fit but also to socially conscious and eco-friendly causes. We are adamant about the fact that everyone should know what they wear and where their clothes and swimwear should come from. We have had a standing commitment to social and environmental causes since we started our company 17 years ago. What better feelings than buying a beautiful swimsuit that really speaks to you on how you feel about yourself, the world and one that truly captures the essence of being environmentally and socially friendly.