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Getting US “Wear” WE Want, To Be, Swimmingly.....

Page One: Aunt Jayne, As Large as Life

I like--no, love a line from the film ‘Lucy’-- ‘We never really die....’ the cells in her body are rapidly evolving, and she says this to the French policeman as she drives confidently against the flow of traffic, and for the first time (she’d never driven before!)

Jayne ‘lives’ in my memory, embracing her full figured self as she travels, loving the natural outdoor home we all share, our only obligation being to be to our fullest potential while appreciating that home’s Nature, including its expression in and as US.

She embodies the family and friends we all know and love and, like me, us, too often have been unable to find natural, comfortable outerwear--on a water planet--that responds to our needs and wants. Until the Fall of 2015, when I put on paper the outlines of such garments, the Bella Jayne Tankini.

But, not unlike the fictional Lucy’s ‘good from bad’ cells’ changes , in March of 2016 my ovarian cells began showing signs of the unwanted transformation called cancer, large life’s strange immortality where cells refuse to stop growing beyond their intended place. Then, thanks to a combination of spirit (aunt Jayne’s, perhaps) and a miraculous medication, my late-stage cancer was gone. And, like the last line in that movie, ‘Lucy’, about the life that was given to us millenia ago, that life spoke to me: “ Now you know what to do with it.”

I realized what aunt Jayne, Lucy, life were telling me, and the phrase ‘Defeat defeat!’ came into my mind, and now healthy full-figured body. That one word, a simple noun and verb, became BellaDonna Swimwear!

Please join me...Jayne and Lucy in our joint journaling exercise and, together, let’s swim through once troubled waters, and into the fullness of our potential lives as we were made: BellaDonnas, all!

As a first step in this continuing mindful ‘exercise’ (the working title: ‘Jayne’s Journal’ ---I’d love to have your suggestions for a title, maybe a new one for each Q. & A. Entry), some guiding principles should be set out; here’re a few---please help to shape and refine them:


There’s a place in the Sun, for Everyone
Fully enjoy playing your part, while being environmentally smart*
Relax in your Tankini & more anywhere there’s a pool or a shore
Full comfortable luxury, for an affordable fee
Playfully play our full-figured way
*LaIslaBrand.com: our amazing suit maker has a long history of environmental and social consciousness, proudly embracing both those who hand-craft and wear their sustainably produced garments and related products.

Read About Sarah Jorgensen, Owner

I come from a long line of family and family friends where the women are all wonderfully curvaceous and who all struggle to find high caliber clothing especially in swimwear. Inspired by them and all the rest of the amazing women like them, I created and founded Bella Donna Swimwear, swimwear designed specifically for full-figured women, based on their wants, their needs, their voice.

Bella Donna Swimwear was created in fall of 2015. With a dream and a sketch that become the prototype and then our first tankini. My dream got delayed when life took a turn in March 2016 with the shocking diagnosis of ovarian cancer. One year later, thanks to a miracle drug, I am cancer free and the drug will keep me that way. We are finally able to move forward with our launch of the Bella Jayne Tankini.